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All of our products are ATEX certified and under our warranty.

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Lighting Fixtures

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures series are the new generation lighting fixtures. High luminous flux and high efficiency new generation ultra bright light emitting devices are used in the fixtures.

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EJB Terminal Boxes

EJB Terminal Boxes, explosion-proof boxes, come with fixed devices and are designed for the arrangement of terminals, control and signaling components, and other electrotechnical components when installed in hazardous areas.

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FS-Q Series Plugs & Sockets

FS-Q Series is designed for connecting portable equipment such as plugs and sockets, explosion proof plugs and similar.

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Heat & Humidity & Compression Sensors

It is a product resistant to heat, humidity, flood sensors, explosion and other dangers and allows you to take safety precautions against dangers.

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Cable Glends

Explosion-proof cable glands for non-armored cables protect the cable against incorrect pulling, It is used where it is necessary to use protected explosion-proof cable glands.

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Other Products

Exproof özelliği taşımayan diğer ürünlerimiz.

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